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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Virginia Scotchie

AIR 2015 Virginia Scotchie chose to give some of the sculptures created during her residency back to Rome by throwing them into the Tiber. Her show was entitled

Crowns, Towers, Funnels”. “Exploration in the studio is an on-going visual investigation of man-made and natural objects. Usually these consist of small things, ordinary in many ways, but possessing an odd quirkiness that pulls me to them. In some of the pieces I have abstracted from personal objects that have been given to me or passed on to me from a family member. Usually they are things that have no monetary value. A recent object that falls into category is a handmade wooden tool that was fashioned by my Italian grandfather to plant his garden. I do not wish for this work to be named or labelled, rather, it is my intention that through the borrowing and reformation of objects the work might trigger one to look closer and find beauty and intrigue in the humble, ordinary and familiar objects that surround us.”

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