2016 Resident Exhibitions

Anneli Belsik Aras


Christopher Pelley

"Memories & Mimesis"

Susan Schultz 

"Mimesis & Memories"

Elaine Buss

"Spatial Embrace"

Linda Lopez

"Rome Works"


Zoe Eagan

"Weapons in White"


Kyle Hendrix

"New Work"

Jessica Sallay-Carrington

"A Celebration of Female Sexuality"

Rebecca Harvey

"Semaphore & Shadow"

Veronika Horlik


Du Chau

"Qui e Ora"

Naomi Eller


Emma Rimi


Molly Anne Bishop

"Secret Garden"​

Gail Kendall

"Made in Italy"​

"30 x 6: CLAY WORKS"
in collaboration with
Honos Art
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