Imagine taking your classes in a 15th-century room in the very heart of Rome. We teach in this space, where you will be surrounded by changing exhibitions of ceramics, painting and sculpture by international artists. Rome is our classroom too, so expect to go to museums, archaeological sites and ceramic studios. There is a well-equipped library of art-history and ceramic texts.

Kilns, wheels and glazing area


This room houses our kilns, wheels and glazing area. There are also drying shelves for student work. The space will also host our resident artists from all over the world.
We have a low-fire kiln (1100C) which is 50x50x60cm and a high-fire kiln (1320C) that is 40cm high and 40cm diam.

Coffee anyone?


The latest addtion to our studio in Rome. The kitchen is being installed in the next day or so, so stay tuned for an up-date and photos!


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