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Gallery Space 


The gallery space is characterised by the 15th-century peperino door frames, and arches supported on marble pilaster capitals. Exhibitions are held in this space 8-10 times a year, normally connected with the international residency program. In addition, display units containing a selection of works by past artists in residence provide a permanent display of ceramic works.
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Imagine taking your classes in a 15th-century room in the very heart of Rome. We teach in this space, where you will be surrounded by changing exhibitions of ceramics, painting and sculpture by international artists. 

Studio Space


This room houses our kilns and glazing area. There are is a selection of tools for classes and drying shelves for student work. The space hosts our resident artists from all over the world. Each resident artist is provided with an individual work space and shelving for their work.
Resident artists have access to a range of low- and high-fire slips, engobes and glazes. We also have raw materials to compose glazes.
We have a front-loader high-fire kiln (46x46x68cm) and 2 high-fire top-loader kilns (45cm H x 40cm diam.). 
We have a slab-roller, extruder and several electric wheels. There is also a well-equipped library of art-history and ceramic texts.
We even have a studio dog! Ciuffo is CRETA Rome's mascot and well-loved studio companion.
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