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RAW 2016-2020

C.R.E.T.A. Rome has participated in RAW (Rome Art Week) since its inception in 2016. Now in its 7th edition, we look forward to this year's exhibition.

RAW 2020


 CRETA Rome presents the unfinished works of four artists in residence in spring 2020. With the declaration of the lock-down at the beginning of March, the artists were forced to abandon their work and return to their home countries. This is the first exhibition of the year since the lock-down and signals the reopening of our exhibition activity. The artists work primarily in ceramics but a large work on paper in included in the show. 

Roberto Lugo, who describes himself as a "ghetto potter e attivist" and a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome in 2020, participates with a large portrait of Marvin Gavin on paper. The glazed and unglazed ceramic sculptures of Nikhil Paladugu are quasi modular organic elements. The figurative artist Magda Gluszek took inspiration form the rich sculptural tradition of Rome whereas the potter Erin St. John experimented with the Italian technique of traditional maioloca.

RAW 2019

"Past and Present II:

7 Years of Artist Residencies @ C.R.E.T.A. Rome" 

C.R.E.T.A. Rome reproposes the formula of our first participation in Rome Art Week in 2016, this time presenting a selection of works of artists in residence from 2013 to 2019. In the past seven years, we have hosted more than 140 artists from all over the world: Caroline Earley (USA) & Kate Walker (New Zealand), Darien Arikoski-Johnson (Denmark/USA), Barbara Balzer (USA), Jim Bowling (USA), Jessica Brandl (USA), 

Du Chau (Vietnam), Sukjin Choi (Korea), Ling Chun (Hong Kong), Craig Clifford (USA), Nuala Creed (Ireland), Shenny Cruces (USA), Bryan Czibesz (USA), Natasha Dikareva (Ucraine), Doris Dittrich (Austria), Gerit Grimm (Germany), Rachel Grimshaw (UK), Stephanie Hanes (Canada), Rebecca Harvey (USA), Dora Hernandez (Cuba), Doug Herren (USA) & Kukuli Velarde (Peru), Dawn Holder (USA), Veronika Horlik (Canada), Doug Jeck (USA), Phyllis Kudder Sullivan (USA), Patricia Leon Leon (Ecuador), Linda Lighton (USA), Linda Lietuviete (Latvia), Christine LoFaso (USA), Linda Lopez (USA), Tim Mitchell (USA), Christopher Pelley (USA), Louis Pesce (USA), Nathan Prouty (USA), Phillip Read (Canada), Tammie Rubin (USA), Amy Santoferrero (USA), Jeff Schmuki (USA), Virginia Scotchie (USA), Marcia Selsor (USA), Rong Sheng (China), Debra Sloan (Canada), Kevin Snipes (USA), Rosi Steinbach (Germany), Marie Stucchi (Australia), Constanza Villarreal (Argentina), Debbey Watson (Australia), Christina West (USA) and many more.

RAW 2018

Jeff Schmuki "Varietà comune"

Inspired by Rome’s collision of the eternal and contemporary, found porcelain figurines are recontextualized and recycled. Their superficial nature is obscured, and when inserted into settings reminiscent of decay and rubble, historical fashions become familiar, yet alien. Placed onto remote-controlled Arduino platforms and driven in the street gives the figurines life beyond their mass-produced, static origins and reinserts them into the life of the city.

(video below)

RAW 2017

Paolo Porelli: Recent Works

The exhibition presents a selection of works produced by the artist and co-founder of C.R.E.T.A. Rome Paolo Porelli in 2017 in Italy and during an artist residency in Jingdezhen, China. Sculptures in the round of diverse dimensions in terracotta, stoneware and porcelain colored with glazes, oxides, 'China painting' and PVD, with the addition of found objects (ready-mades) from the real world. In addition tiles in porcelain and stoneware with the integration of Chinese transfers. The exhibition coincided with Art Axis Conversations in which Paolo participated as one of the 24 artists from 16 countries who presented live videos on Facebook.

RAW 2016



C.R.E.T.A. Rome presents a selection of works of artists in residence from 2013 to 2016. In the past four years, we have hosted more than 60 artists from all over the world: Darien Arikoski-Johnson (Denmark/USA), Jessica Brandl (USA), Du Chau (Vietnam), Sukjin Choi (Korea), Bryan Czibesz (USA), Doris Dittrich (Austria), Gerit Grimm (Germany/USA), Rebecca Harvey (USA), Veronika Horlik (Canada), Rebecca Hutchinson (USA), Linda Lighton (USA), Christine LoFaso (USA), Linda Lopez (USA), Nathan Prouty (USA), Amy Santoferrero (USA), Virginia Scotchie (USA), Marcia Selsor (USA), Debra Sloan (Canada), Kevin Snipes (USA), Christina West (USA) and many more.