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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Sukjin Choi

Today’s artist in residence is Korean artist Sukjin Choi AIR 2014. She entitled her show “Ruote” (Wheels). Her installation included 100 hand-built wheel forms with graffito of traditional Korean decoration.

“My work is concerned with memory and the tracing of time. I bring this sentiment- of how the patterning or skin represents one’s inner self – to my ceramic sculptures. I have found in my voice a delicate, yet crucial blend between traditional Korean surfacing methods and contemporary objects.

When I walked to Circo Massimo on a beautiful evening, I found myself standing before hundreds of motorcycles in the street in Rome. The many motorcycles in the lots impressed me and made me think of the times and spaces that each motorcycle had passed through over its lifetime. I immediately found a deep relationship between the motorcycle tires and myself.”

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