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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Anneli Belsik Aras

Norwegian artist Anneli Belsik Aras’ (AIR 2016) show was titled “Traces”.

“I often find my work revolving around themes like heritage, lived life and meetings. Over the years I’ve noticed that texture and surface in my work often relate to something graphic and/or textile. This often comes from embracing the traces of the process, i.e. using textile material as a tool to make and move slabs of clay and/or printing on the clay surface to create relief or a graphic motif or pattern.

In this ancient city, how do people live their everyday life in 2016? How do modern expressions coexist with the ever present historic surroundings? As an artist I have always been interested in the ceramic surface, and while in Rome I have started to experiment with monoprinting on clay. The unglazed monoprints create a surface resembling the decay of painted walls, serving as a background for motifs and patterns observed while walking the streets of Rome. The motifs and patterns as well as the backgrounds create layers and barriers behind and in between which people’s lives unfold, in all its beauty and cruelty.”

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