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"Ciò che muore"

Marie Stucci

Marie Stucci.JPG
Final show Spring I 2019.jpg

My work speaks of the vessel or monument as a cultural record and its shaping of collective memory interwoven with reflections of the ancestral line of women that have come before me. I draw on the tradition of mosaic as a way of evoking layered memory, indirect associations and historical references. The phrases of Virgil, Dante and Leopardi coupled with botanical imagery play tribute to the rich Roman history which spans centuries in time.



Marie Stucci was born in Australia from Italian parents and spent 5 years of her childhood growing up in Calabria, Italy.

She has a background in ceramics, painting, public art, and landscape architecture. She has an interest in site specificity and ‘genius loci’ or ‘sense of place’. Marie has participated in numerous exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Hawaii.

Marie has a Diploma of Fine Arts Ceramics, National Art school, Sydney, an advanced Diploma in Fine arts Painting, St George Tafe and a Honours degree in Landscape architecture from the University of NSW.

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