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"Ciò che muore"

Jennifer Hill

Final show Spring I 2019.jpg
Jennifer Hill

The extensive presence of flowing water through Rome's fountains combined with fresh produce markets inspired this installation. Enlarged seeds create a canvass of textures found in the city's surfaces, reducing hard impenetrable walls to hand-held pods holding information for the future. I find the accessibility of the most relevant elements of a culture, food and water, true marks of civilization, worth celebrating and memorializing.


Jennifer Hill is a studio artist in Austin TX. She has lived and worked in diverse regions of the U.S. including Kauai, Hawaii and her artwork has appeared in numerous exhibitions. Having earned an MFA from Utah State University, Logan, and a BFA from Southern Methodist University, Jennifer also instructs ceramics courses through colleges and art centers. Her current studio practice includes a body of artwork that explores how natural structures on land and in the ocean appear to share visual information through complimentary formations.

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