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"Serving Shape"

Clay Leonard

Final show Summer II 2019.jpg
Clay Leonard

This exhibition explores the relationship between geometric shapes and serving objects.  Through experimentation of various shapes and forms, new solutions and designs to utilitarian objects develop.  These work seek to enrich the connection between the object and the user.  Highlighting the importance of communal gathering, interaction, and conversation.


Clay Leonard (born 1984 in Michigan) is an American artist.  He received his MFA from Bowling Green State University and a BFA from Adrian College.  He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Ceramics at the University of Houston - Clear Lake in Houston, Texas.

His current research focuses on the important ritual of sharing a meal, utilizing ceramic serving forms as a catalyst for interaction and communication.  His work has been featured in various international and national publications and exhibitions throughout the United States as well as in Denmark, Slovenia, Canada and Argentina.  His work is included in several permanent collections including the National Museum of Slovenia, Guldagergaard: International Ceramics Research Center in Denmark, and the International Dinnerware Museum in Michigan.

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