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"Split-level Standards"

Kirstin Willders


"The Camp sensibility is one that is alive to a double sense in which some things can be taken. But this is not the familiar split-level construction of a literal meaning, on the one hand, and a symbolic meaning, on the other. It is the difference, rather, between the thing as meaning something, anything, and the thing as pure artifice." #16 Notes on Camp, Susan Sontag, 1964 



Kirstin Willders is an artist and art historian currently based in Alfred, New York, USA. She holds a BFA in ceramics and a BA in art history from Kent State University, and a MA in Italian Renaissance Art History from Syracuse University's Graduate Program in Renaissance Art. She is currently entering her final year as an MFA candidate in ceramic art at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. 

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