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"From the Ruins, We Rise"

Alex Valls

Alex Valls

“From the Ruins, We Rise” is an informal study on the architectural fragments that remain from the Imperial period of the Roman empire. Influenced by Valls’ studio proximity to the Roman Forum during her stay at the CRETA residency, the collapsed structures resurface themselves within the perspective of a new abstracted context. By visualizing the structures  as unique objects, Valls re-imagines a world influenced by Roman style but separated from function and meaning outside visual association. 


“From the Ruins” pays homage to the forum while borrowing from Greek and Entruscan style, and “…We Rise” pays reference to the highly influential and significant sculptors following and the lasting impact it has on the artist and contemporaries. 


Alex Valls is a self-taught multi-media artist with a focus on found objects, installations and sculptural work. Alex Valls was born in 1988 in Miami, FL and raised as a first generation Cuban-American, having graduated from Emerson College in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science.Valls lives and has studio practices in both New York City and Miami, FL. In 2017 Valls started the experimental project space, El Espacio in Little Havana, Miami, FL and founded the curatorial collective, GOOD TO KNOW now in development for its third edition of Miami Art Basel. 


Leading up to this current residency at CRETA Rome, between 2017- 2019 Valls has participated at Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence in Woodstock, New York and Leipzig International Artist Residency at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany. Valls has recently participated in Tropical Virus,a group show during the 2019 Havana Bienal.  Currently, Valls is showcasing works from her “Pipe Series” in downtown New York with the  Memphis Milano group throughout this summer. 

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