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"Dynamic Rome"

Annie Evans


Most of my work is about women, usually in boats representing life's journey.  The fact that they are seated in a contained space makes them rather static.  The residency at C.R.E.T.A. allowed me to wander the museums and streets of Rome, studying the dynamic poses which make the ancient sculptures seem so alive.  The challenge was to make figures which showed movement, giving them more dynamism and life.  I think my residency gave me what I was seeking.  I took one piece home with me, the vertical wall hanging.  It was purchased by a collector who pointed out how Madonna-like she is in both her pose and her expression, with the horns forming a halo.  I had noticed none of this.  But, obviously, Rome's influence bled through to the sculpture I did there.  The second piece I made when I returned is much more dynamic than any of my other such pieces.  I find myself continuing to yearn for Rome and its art.


Annie Evans is an Atlanta, Georgia, native with lifelong interests in both psychology and art.  She attended the Atlanta College of Art for two years and her graduate degree in Developmental Psychology, where she studied chimpanzees, is evident in the human-animal hybrid sculptures.  She combines women and animals as mysterious, mythical reminders that we are but one of many animal species, related both physically and emotionally.  They represent our connectedness to animals and to the spirit world. 

Annie has lived in several US cities and now resides in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Her work has been represented in galleries, exhibited in the US and Mexico and is in private collections in several countries.  She is the co-creator of San Miguel de Allende Ceramic Workshops.  

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