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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

“Senza Tempo”: Phyllis Kudder Sullivan

Phyllis Kudder Sullivan AIR 2014 presented a series of small-scale responses to the Pantheon in her show “Senza Tempo”.

“The unifying theme of my work is the energized inner space that is enclosed within the interlaced walls of my organic forms. Exposure to this living space, the requisite characteristic of both architecture and the traditional ceramic vessel, is the means by which I communicate the enigmatic relationship between architectural elements of interior and exterior. By using a "weaving" technique that allows visible access to the interior but gives no indication of a beginning or end, my structures relate to the mysterious world-within-worlds nature of the vortex and the possibilities of the infinite.

My inspiration for senza tempo is the Pantheon. I am fascinated by the absolute simplicity of the geometric shapes that articulate its monumental space. The feature that I find most awe inspiring, however, is the Pantheon's openness to the outer world. Both inner sanctuary and sky share a portal, the oculus, that blurs the distinction between in and out. The sublime marriage of earth and the heavens epitomizes an energy rich inner space.


senza tempo

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