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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Casa Rubboli

Casa Rubboli stands at the base of via Nazionale just before the Markets of Trajan, attached to the 13th-century Colonna tower. The late 19th-century building is named after Vincenzo Rubboli (1835-1895) who commissioned the building. Designed by the architect Pietro Carnevale (1839-1895) the neo-Renaissance palazzo is noteworthy for the rich decoration of its facade in polychrome maiolica.

The extensive ceramic embellishment was executed by Paolo Rubboli (1838-1890), the brother of Vincenzo, who established an important workshop in Gualdo Tadino in 1873 which specialised in rubino and gold lusters in reduction, based on the Renaissance tradition of Mastro Giorgio of Gubbio. The ceramics on the facade of Casa Rubboli include polychrome garlands and festoons held up by white putti or balanced on white female protome heads. A series of 6 large-scale white shield portraits articulates the final story. Other decoration includes polychrome wreaths and coats of arms. Missing is the luster glaze which rendered the Rubboli workshop famous.

A special thanks to Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli, the last surviving Ceramist of this illustrious family, who made us aware of the existence of this gem.

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