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2019 Exhibitions

Spring & summer 2019 shows at creta rome

This year has been exciting.  In the spring, there were two final group exhibitions of resident artists. The exhibition of the trio of Dawn Holder, Jennifer Hill and Marie Stucci was at the end of April. The next month, it was the turn of artists Clive Eger and Jim Bowling.  This summer, c.r.e.t.a. rome hosted three exhibitions to present the work of resident artists. First up were Caroline Earley & Kate Walker, Aby Henry, Alex Valls and Kirstin Willders in June, followed by the shows of Andrew Quient, Chris Rodgers, Clay Leonard and Eric Hoefer in July and Craig Clifford and  Louis Pesce in August.


This fall, our show schedule is full with two shows in October: the final show of resident artist Philip Read will be followed by an exhibition commemorating the past 7 years @CRETA Rome.  A selection of works of more than 140 resident artists  from 2013-2019 will be be presented during RAW (Rome Art Week). And finally the show of resident artist Peggy Kouroumalos “the end has no end” in mid November. 

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