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"Making Way"

Sarah Gross


Closeness does not establish intimacy. I grew up in New York City, always sharing space with people I did not know. The contradiction of physical density and emotional distance made me feel simultaneously alienated by and enamored with millions of strangers. I explore this conflict by making work that manifests invisible dividers and destabilizes familiar relationships. Inviting and forbidding, my work addresses issues of power, desire, vulnerability, and visibility. Through it, I disrupt ideas about gender roles, sacred space and what it means to be the object of another person’s gaze.


Sarah Gross is Assistant Professor of Visual Art at the University of Kansas. She received an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA from Carleton College. She has done artist residencies at Greenwich House Pottery, Grand Valley State University, the Lawrence Arts Center, and Green Olive Arts in Morocco. Her work is included in numerous collections including the US Department of State, The University of Costa Rica, and the Shiwan Ceramics Museum in Foshan, China.

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