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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Nino Caruso

Buon compleanno Nino Caruso (1928-2017)! After his youth spent in Sicily and Tripoli, Italian maestro Nino Caruso moved to Rome in 1951. Through the ceramist Salvatore Meli, he frequented Villa Massimo where he encountered Leoncillo among others. In 1954?he established his ceramics studio where traditional techniques co-existed with experiments in materials and forms of expression. The innovation of slicing styrofoam with a hot wire in 1965 revolutionized his working methods and led to the development of slip-cast modular architectural forms.

An international figure who was instrumental in inserting ceramics into the sphere of contemporary art, Caruso was also a member of the World Craft Council. As the founder of an international center for ceramics in Rome (1968-1985), he was fundamental in exposing Italian ceramists to artists from all over the world. Through his important publications, Caruso was one of the most important Italian artists for the diffusion of ceramic techniques both Italian and international, for example Raku. He taught and offered workshops at American universities as well as presenting his work in important shows in the US and Asia. In 2015, he curated with Mariastella Margozzi the exhibition “Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture in Italy” at the Galleria nazionale. d’arte moderna in Rome. A traveling retrospective exhibition opened in January at the Kyoto Museum of Modern Art in Japan.

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