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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Rong Sheng

For Chinese artist Rong Sheng AIR 2019, “Ceramic clay apparently is digging out from earth. From an ceramic artist’s point of view, clay almost is the perfect material representing earth. I work with clay rather directly, and proper size is also an important thing in my work as well. We are living at the world in which everything is quite virtualized, easy to work but it also confuses me, we don’t feel the real texture, temperature, weight but from screen. Therefore, my latest work is more straight-forwardly connected to nature. I just direct dig a 6 feet long hole (as the same height of mine) on the hill and seal it to fire. It was quite an experience that the fire as the earth giving birth, and I take the shards of surface after fire as my own work.”

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