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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Luke Aleksandrow

The breaking of slip-cast porcelain forms in the dead of the night of the eternal city was the focus of the performance piece of Australian artist Luke Aleksandrow AIR 2015. He presented a video at the opening of his exhibition “A Silent Tour of Rome”. He also invited the attendees to take a porcelain cup, break it and send photo documentation of the action.

“Luke Aleksandrow’s practice investigates the experience of unheard silences through video and sound installations. In his work, the breaking of ceramic forms acts as a rhythmic device to contrast the silence of a space. It is in the brief moment when the fragments of the form diminuendo to a silence that the space starts to sound.

The slip-casted porcelain forms have been made with the sole intention of their breakage. Through the numerous hours of exploring the streets of Rome waiting for each form to dry, Aleksandrow seeks to relate his experience of cultural isolation with his ongoing investigation of silence.”

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