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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Angela DiCosola

Happy birthday to Angela DiCosola AIR 2014. “Portals,Pathways & Perceptions” was the title of her final show. “The natural process of mutation as a mechanism of change is central to our notion of individualism and uniqueness. My work lies in our re-evaluation of self-identity and individualism examined through societal perceptions of beauty, normalcy, desirability and value in juxtaposition with that perceived as repulsive, odd, expendable, undesirable and common place. My creative research targets these notions and how they influence us at an early age and subsequently as adults affect our very perceptions and obsession with Beauty as well as our preoccupation with what we value or not; not only within ourselves but in all of Nature. Ultimately the question lies for each of us in what is or should be our part in this evolving dialogue.”


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