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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Maxwell Mustardo: Fall Resident @C.R.E.T.A.

Fall resident artist Maxwell Mustardo has been exploring the museums of Rome for his project that focuses on the anthropomorphic qualities of Roman amphorae (storage vessels). According to Max “Ceramic history is an unbroken line of technological advances & formal revolutions. I believe it is essential to constantly look back at the foundations of form and style both to better innovate and to better understand the relevance that functional ceramics have held for the duration of human culture. At this moment where ceramics as an ideal functional material is being rapidly outpaced by a multitude of other materials, the meaning of hand-made ceramics is shifting towards the more sentimental and nostalgic. This nexus of interests is where my research and production occur.” Save the date for the final show presenting his work and that of fellow resident artist Virginia San Fratello next Saturday 2 October from 6pm onwards at CRETA Rome. #maxwellmustardo #wip #contemporaryceramicsculpture #sculturaceramicacontemporanea @cretarome #artistresidencyitaly

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