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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

“Una Nota Che Non c’è”

The exhibition “Una nota che non c’è” at the Galleria De Crescenzo & Viesti in collaboration with Montrasio Arte (Monza e Milano) in the fall of 2019 presented 15 monochrome ceramic works of the outsider artist Giacinto Cerone (1957-2004). The title, inspired by the jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker, was mentioned numerous times by Cerone as expressive of what he sought in sculpture and is applied here to a series of works dated from 1993-2004.

A pure artist who worked in many materials (primarily in ceramics and plaster but also in wood, fiberglass, metal, plexiglass, stone and marble), he always maintained the absolute values of art that were the foundation of the historical avant-garde that he reintroduced to the contemporary artistic scene. With an emphasis on gesture, spatiality and immediacy, he attacked the hollow geometric shapes in raw clay created for him in the Bottega Gatti in Faenza. He had a physical and visceral relationship with the material. He punched the forms with his elbows or kicked them with his feet, folded them with his hands, scratched them with his nails and poked holes with his fingers. He even whacked the forms with a stick. The majority of the pieces are abstract but with reference at times to the heads of elephants and lions.

#romacittàdellaceramica #romeceramiccity #terracotta #giacintocerone @ De Crescenzo e Viesti Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea

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