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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

Meet Patrick Coughlin

American artist Patrick Coughlin’s (AIR 2017) show “On architecture”, a response to successive residencies in Japan and Italy, seemed an appropriate choice to pair with Nino Caruso today.

“This body of work expands upon the investigations of Japanese shrine architecture built with traditional wood joinery. A method using no hardware, relying only on tension and gravity. Using this formal strategy to combine different craft mediums it gives priority and focus to its process and history of labor. Furthering that exploration these works are studies in deconstructing and abstracting western, public and domestic architectural form. These works looks to the ideologies and formal strategies of Italian Rationalism’s transformational evolution of classical architecture as a guide in developing a personal language of form. The Italian Rationalist said of their methodologies in interpreting classical architecture “our past and present are not incompatible. We do not wish to ignore our traditional heritage. It is the tradition which transforms itself and assumes new aspects recognizable only to few”. By revealing and transforming these disparate perceptions of process and labor-knowledge, these everyday forms and monuments refocus the question of the role and status of labor. The works acts as an aide-mémoire to the dignity and beauty of processes and techniques that have been easily usurped by the empty glamour and effortlessness of modernity.” @cretarome #artistresidencyrome #anartistinresidenceaday #ceramicresidencyprogram #patrickcoughlin @ C.R.E.T.A. Rome

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