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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

“Excavations”: Jessica Brandl and Bryan Czibesz

Winners of the 2015 NCECA International Residency Award at CRETA Rome, Jessica Brandl and Bryan Czibesz entitled their show “Excavations”. “Decontextualized sherds in vitrines and archaeological texts conjure strong desires for us to understand them through touch. Employing the use of traditional and digital visualization and modeling strategies, we have sought to excavate and reimagine sources ranging from Etruscan bucchero and Roman Arretine ware to fragments from the trash heaps excavated from the ruins at Pompeii. Our use of emergent ceramic 3D printing allows the oldest material technology to create a bridge to a deeper history, allowing us to shake hands with the craftsman of antiquity, and speak to both past and future archaeology.” A special thanks to Ezio Genovese for hosting the show in the RISD Rome gallery space @cretarome #artistresidencyrome #anartistinresidenceaday #ceramicresidencyprogram #2015ncecainternationalresidenxyaward #jessicabrandl #bryanczibesz #3-dprinting @ C.R.E.T.A. Rome

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