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  • Lori-Ann Touchette

“Così è (se vi pare) (“So it is (if you like)”

The solo show “Così è (se vi pare) (“So it is (if you like)” of the hyper-realists Bertozzi & Casoni was presented by the Galleria Anna Marra around the corner from the CRETA Rome studio in the spring di 2018. Giampaolo Bertozzi (1957) and Stefano dal Monte Casoni (1961) created their society in 1980. Renowned for their investigation of the waste products of modern society with a meticulous attention to detail and surrealist compositions, their works that focus on ‘vanitas’ and ‘memento mori’ are present in international museums and art galleries. In 2017, the Museo Bertozzi e Casoni was inaugurated at the Cavallerizza Ducale of Sassuolo (Modena). We attended the opening in Rome with Phoebe Scott (AIR 2017) and Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (Guest AIR 2017).

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