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The arts can be defined in any number of ways. We chose the broadest definition possible in order to include everything from the more traditional visual arts to the culinary arts, music, art history and cultural studies. Below are just a few of the initiatives that we are planning.

An aperitivo with ceramics

An ‘aperitivo’ with ceramics gives you a chance to try your hand at decorating your own personalised mug, plate or bowl, painting with ceramic colors to create your ‘masterpiece’. The atmosphere of the 16th century palace will get your creative juices flowing. Add a little music, a glass of wine or beer, some light hors d'oeuvres and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an enjoyable evening.
We dip your piece in a transparent glaze, fire it at 950ºC, and your ceramics will be food safe and ready for use. Your personalised piece will be ready for pick up in our studio in a week or less.

Musical events

We plan to offer musical events that cover a range of chronological periods, from Jazz to Baroque music. Whether solos or larger ensembles, these performances will serve as a sign of our commitment to the musical arts.

 Wine & cheese tastings

In collaboration with the Sienese enoteca 'Il Vinaio', we will be organizing wine tastings of a range of interesting wines from the Tuscan region and beyond. The wines will be accompanied by a selection of cheeses, salami, affettati and bruschette.


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