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2022 Exhibitions

Spring 2022 shows at creta rome

This year promises to be exciting. Residencies are filling up and we are more or less back to our regular exhibition schedule with shows every 4/5 weeks. This spring there are three residency spring exhibitions plus a special show of Mathew McConnell's work for Buongiorno Ceramica on 21-22 May. The exhibition of the duet of Annie Lyle and Priscilla Fusco opened in March, whereas in April the trio of Helen Earl, Avery Campbell and Alice Whish presented their work.  Still to come at the end of May is the show of resident artists France Goneau and Ruth Murray. 


This summer, CRETA Rome will host two exhibitions to present the work of resident artists. First up will be Lisa Nappa, Serena Perrone, Roger Ralston, Wendy DesChenes and Jeff Schmuki in June, followed by the show of Rebekah Bogard, Cooper Siegel and Heather Couch. This fall, our show schedule is full with three more resident artist shows in October, November and December. In October, CRETA Rome will also participate in RAW (Rome Art Week), the annual event dedicated to contemporary art in the city.  Keep checking back for more info.

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